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Transport Solutions

Royal offers a variety of transport solutions. Below are just a few examples of what Royal does. If you can imagine it, the chances are Royal has already done it.

Crankshaft Transport Cart- Specialty cart for transporting crankshafts to the inspection area. Rollers allow 360 degree rotation of each crankshaft.
Sharp/Dull Grinding Wheel Cart  Custom cart has green and red panels to distinguish sharp from dull tooling with block on the front to hold the wheels load assist.
Axle Differential "First Part" Trolley - Transport cart to hold the "first good part" from a line change over
Sharp/Dull Cart-Red and green panels to distinguish sharp from dull tooling
  Line side Sharp/Dull "Supermarket" Cart- This specialty cart is placed line side and loaded with spare tooling. As tools in the machining center get dull the operator has a full compliment of tooling to replenish his/her machine. Dull tooling is placed on the overhanging shelf for easy spotting by the facilities tool chaser.
Tool Change-0ver Cart - Provides neat storage and transport of tooling to and from the shop floor. Heavy duty nests cradle the tool shank so they do not bounce free.
Large Roll Cabinet  (Change over Cart) - With floor space at a premium, these storage cabinets can be rolled onto site when needed. Cabinet top also doubles as a work bench.  Bottom drawer shown here is over 11 inches deep
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