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Vision & Contact Presetting gauges

Variset Shrink - Royal's renown quality and ease of use now available with shrink technology. Heavy duty cast iron construction, high resolution vision system, automatic high precision spindle, 19" LCD flat screen monitor, cooling station and Royals Variset  tool management Software
(all standard),

Tech Spec's

Variset Ergo - the standard in the American automotive tooling industry.  Ergo's front working design reduces operator fatigue, heavy duty cast iron construction, high resolution vision system and Royals Variset IV  tool management Software (all standard), Royals customers receive decades of service from a single machine. Available in 2 and 3 axis models.

Tech Spec's

Royal has upgrades available for your Variset Ergo gauge.

LED Upgrade Flyer

Milset 610 - Designed specifically for multiple insert face mills, Royals Milset is accessable from both sides to accommodate right and left hand cutters. The large granite surface allows ample clearance for large cutters, up to 24 inches
Tech Spec's
Basic - An inexpensive presetter with vision & Variset IV software (Basic-C)
Tech Spec's
Specialty Gauges - Custom designed gauges to meet any need. (Doghouse pallet checking gauge shown at left)
20 Position Turret Gauge - An industry standard for over 50 years, Royal turret gages are used to quickly set tools to their proper gage length. Available with stationary cups for large diameter reamers and spot facers, floating cups for sub-land drills, feet for offset tooling and indicators for extra accuracy. The drum accommodates up to 20 different tool setting lengths and the wide turret gage base accommodates virtually all holders and shank types
12 Position Turret Gauge - Same as Royals 20 position turret gauge but will accommodate 12 different tool setting lengths.
Bar Gauge - Still used today, the bar gage allows quick setting length on stick tools such as drills reamers and end mills. Bar gages can be engineered with pins, solid cups for larger diameter tools, chamfered holes for setting sub-land drills, flush pins and floating cups.
Bench Mounted Indicator Gauges - Custom designed for the customers tooling needs. Bench mounted indicator gauges serve a wide variety of applications. Available with dial or digital indicators, Vertical or angled risers, Indicator barrels can be force up or force down.
On Machine Indicator Gauges - Custom designed for the customers tooling needs. On machine indicator gauges magnetically snap to the tool body for easy gauging of tooling right in the machine.
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