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Storage Solutions

Royal offers a variety of storage solutions. Below are just a few examples of what Royal does. If you can imagine it, the chances are Royal has already done it.

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Stainless steel tool board on a mobile cabinet - Special tool board with a stainless steel upper, removable doors and eye lifts for use in nuclear reactor cores. All joins are welded or 100% covered for zero contamination requirements.
Tool board on C-base- A Complete tool management center. Designed to meet any need or hold any tool. with a variety of bushings, shelves, pins and data tags.
QC unit on B-Base - with an upper shelf, integrated air fittings and electrical outlets for gage equipment  Provides a large clutter free work surface.
Disassembly/storage Bench on BC-Base - Multiple use bench with lips on 3 sides for safe placement of loose components.
Parts Storage with sonic clean tank on Cabinet base - This unit provides full view lockable storage of small components. Has an integrated movable podium for assembly manuals and ultrasonic parts washer.
Pedestal QC unit - Easy to clean around, this unit has peg board back and upper shelf for storage of tools.
Full view Lockable Tool board - Provides clean environment and visual verification of tools through the full view Plexiglas doors. Lockable to keeps tooling high cost item secure.
Large Roll Cabinet  (Change over Cart) - With floor space at a premium, these storage cabinets can be rolled onto site when needed. Cabinet top also doubles as a work bench.  Bottom drawer shown here is over 11 inches deep
Vertical Line Bar racks - Helps eliminate that sagging mid section. Vertical storage of line bars negates the effects of gravity that can bow line bars if stored flat.
Combination storage/work bench - Available with over head light, shelves, bin box panels and more.
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