Browser based modular tool management application. Has Royals presetter interface, Inventory, Tool life, Cutter grind, bar code and RFID modules.

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Presetter Interface Module - Incorporates tool assembly information, drawings, adapters, modes and offsets onto the live gage screen. Has programmed measurement and result functions in metric or inch radius or diameter, slopes and angles. 
crib.jpg (154614 bytes) Inventory Module - Organize inventory locations, quantities and scrap. Issue, return and scrap functions for kits, tools, components and containers. Configurable locations, inventory types, quantities and information fields. Assembly build-up to Kit level. Alarms for low and high stock. Reports for receives, inventory movements, scrap, build-up and more.
part3b.jpg (9090 bytes) Tool Life Module - Regulate and report tools to be changed. Configurable tool life links for manual entry of tool counts. Interface to automatic tool counts. Schedule and predict tool change lists. Configurable changed and not changed reasons. Reports on scheduled and unscheduled changes, excessive changes, exceptional tool life, 12 month analysis, 10 best 10 worst.
endmill.jpg (34750 bytes) Cutter Grind Module - Monitor Component quantities in the cutter grind department. Assign components to a particular operator or machine. Keep track stock removed, scrap and time in cutter grind. Access tool drawings. Shows warnings for excessive quantities and time in cutter grind. Reports on tools to be reworked, Historical rework log, scrap and maintenance.
reader.jpg (230359 bytes) Bar Code & RFID Module - Read bar code and RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) tags. Locate stock with the click of a button. Log RFID data from CNC machining centers.


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